A Bit About

This blog used to be titled ‘Space Between Raindrops’ 

…Comprised of more than 300 entries, it was the place I came to record the challenges and triumphs of my family as we waded through the mire of raising one another. Those years were committed to uncovering a commonality to keep us connected while we grew into our own lives. We operated on the wheels of gratitude and in the process laid a spiritual foundation for each to build upon--even if I was too immersed in the day to day operations of a family to realize at the time that is what we were doing. The Space Between Raindrops was an everyday call to uncover the goodness that is ever present, even in the darkest storms. I’ve kept the post links from the Space Between Raindrop accessible—they are of my heart and perhaps for the heart of others to enjoy.

There has been no absence of personal growth between The Space Between Raindrops and the renaming of this space to Mindfulness Between Raindrops. There has been only time and the exponential silence of learning and being.

Mindfulness is a state of being I've come to love, appreciate and thrive in, one I know can touch hearts and heal lives. It is a gift to be shared and encouraged in our world.

So In 2014 I decided to revisit this space and re-worked the name to be ‘Mindfulness Between Raindrops’

—It becomes a new chapter in my public journal, one more personal. A place to capture and reflect upon the simple discoveries of spirit, the growth of spirituality and the expansion of love and fearlessness—An all-faith inclusive, spiritually curious, journey of contemplation….  Is all I can say, until I experience where the journey leads. 

“There is today, there is now—with only love and faith and words to live by.”