Friday, January 18, 2013

Potential Concerto

Our family is getting a new piano tomorrow! There is nothing wrong with our old piano, mainly because we don't have one, but this new one is going to be fabulous! Fabulous because, well who doesn't need a piano? (insert visual of Michelle waving frantically "Me! Over here, me...I don't need a piano.")

I've had this stabbing pain in my left temple since Mike sent me the first text that said "I got us a piano. Want to put it in the livingroom?" That was the whole message, no "Hey, how do you feel about music?" or "Do you like Liberace?" just "Where are we putting it?" My gut reaction, probably fueled by a flashback of a short encounter from hell with piano lessons as a child, was; "someone elses house."  There was something however about my husband's childlike enthusiasm rivalled only by the enthusiasm of my children that led me to conceded to moving the couch to make room for a piano.

It should probably be noted here that beyond not having a piano in our home currently we also have no person in the house who plays the piano. Those lessons weren't hell for no reason. All we have is potential. Our children were born with considerately more music aptitude than their mother (thank goodness) and there is the long shot chance that one of them may find the instrument fascinating. Mike has "learn to play..." high on his live list. Although I think is finishes 'guitar' not '700lb string instrument that you need a crane to get to the campfire' So potentially the piano might get some attention.

Some attention if we can get it home in one piece without damaging the ivory beast or our poor friends in the process. That was text #2 "Free, just have to move it." I seriously wish my husband was born with a hint of 'impossible' sometimes.

"How are you going to move a piano?" was my dumb question.
"No Problem, don't worry." was the response I got. It was also the response I've come to expect from Mike, nothing is beyond possible in his world.

So the new piano is a fait accompli, move the couch and make some room. The days ahead are filled with potential.

Potential physical harm, potential destruction of a musical instrument, potential discovery of a musical prodigy, potential nervous breakdown of a mother. There are so many places we can go with all of this potential and I will do what I always do when Mike says "Ahhh, don't worry." ...I'll go along for the ride and life will never be the same.

See you at the concert hall!

Have a great weekend, make sure you use every minute!