Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heated Seat - Comutication and Poop

Mike and I are comuticating...
That’s a real word, because I said so and also because I am at a loss to, in any other way, label the 23 minutes Mike and I spend together in the vehicle each morning.

Driving to work together is a new experience for us. (Imagine that, after almost 30 years together we’re still ‘keep’n it fresh’) It is a pretty economical decision and also not much of a choice as we are a one car family. I knew when we launched this effort a few months ago that our 23 minutes would become a daily mini married speed date. We can cram a lot of conversation into that short time, (time has been a great teacher). I knew we would tackle issues of family importance; budget meetings, scheduling, disciplinary hearings (sorry kids, family democracy isn’t really a democracy). I knew we would discuss vacation planning and errands, family squabbles and home repairs. I was prepared for it all.

I failed however to remember that I was driving with Mike; the man behind the Mickey Rourke incident. This morning I'm fairly confident that I left a few brain cells out on the highway.

Don’t ask me how it happened but we left the driveway talking about the night’s schedule for hockey and practices; we gravitated naturally to the radio hosts bantering about a recent survey of 1500 adults and their sexual history. That conversation morphed into a commitment discussion which led eventually, at the end of a long convoluted journey, to some random debate on whether in fact whales actually poop or not AND if they do... would said poop be slippery or frozen if it found itself mysteriously on an iceberg. I don’t even know how we got there. Two left lane passes, an off-ramp and a road-rageous comment and we were there. That’s all I know.

Luckily, the conversation went into the ‘blocked from memory’ vault and I managed through my work day to focus on death, investments and premiums.

Then I came home, opened my email and there was this…..

‘new message from: Mike    Subject: whale poop’

I never see it coming.