Friday, December 17, 2010

Gratitude in Pictures

This week has given us a lot to be grateful for.

A quick look in pictures...

Michael builds an ice rink for the kids in the backyard. Of course we live in the suburbs and our backyard is the size of a sticky note but oh well. We can say we have a scale model of an actual ice surface.

Michael gets some help with the construction!

and some more help...and a coffee.

A lot of gratitude in the snap. 1) we picked out a tree together and all made it home in one piece. 2) All three children are home and participating. 3) If you look closely you will note that KJ is wearing her headgear. 4) Dad made cider and is doing a fabulous job supervising. 5) Nobody is making a pair of bunny ears behind someone's head.

We managed 2 pictures without a brawl or a pair of bunny ears!

Santa delivered a new washer (via Michael's parents) YAAAAA!!!!!! Santa also delivered a new desk and printer to work (via my new boss) I think this means he's going to keep me YAAAAA!!!!!!!

This is one of my favorites; the wreath I mentioned in an earlier post. A yearly gift from my husband's fabulous boss.

There are of course other gratefuls that I was unsuccessful at capturing on film.

  • E-Man's Christmas concert at school where he rocked the house to "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"
  • Everyone with the exception of myself has been grateful for snow.
  • The kids are especially grateful the Christmas break begins this week.
  • Christmas shopping is almost finished!
  • Some Christmas cookies got made.
  • High school Summatives are complete.