Thursday, December 9, 2010

When There's a Question

Sometimes, due to irritability, lack of sleep or brain fog I answer my kids questions flakily. Most often I try my best to provide a thoughtful well composed answer, I really do. I'm the person they learn from after all and they deserve some quality answers.

Lately though, I've come to discover I've been doing a poor job with my answers.

How do I know?

On Tuesday E-man brought home a math test from school. It was all about rounding numbers up and down to the nearest 10. (He's in grade 3 math isn't very hard yet.)

Pay close attention to question 2 b)

Bless the teachers heart, she put a long red circle at the end of his sentence like he forgot to finish his answer.

Grateful for laughter and moments that remind us "kids learn what they live." I shall make a better effort with my answers.