Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

When the kids catch a glimpse of the clock at 11 minutes past 11 they always say "11:11 make a wish" and you know that secretly even if you don't subscribe to superstition everyone in ear shot is making a wish. Some one is wishing for that special boy to notice them or for a really great mark on a math test, someone is wishing for that promotion at work or for a family member to regain their good health. Everyone has a desire to wish for.

There has been a lot of talk about this year's Remembrance Day being on 11/11/11. Each time I hear the reference my mind automatically jumps to 'make a wish'

11/11/11 make a wish.... and I wonder what the wishes around me would be.

Parents wishing for their sons and daughter back
Children wishing they had know their Fathers
Husbands and Wives wishing that the person they said good bye to was the same person who returned to them.
Families wishing for the safety of their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brother, sisters, aunts and uncles.
Those are big wishes

The Veterans who are wishing they never had to go, never had to pick up a gun, never had to kill.
Veterans who wish they weren't haunted by the horrors of war.
Veterans who wish they didn't have to leave their families behind to travel to a place where they would leave their friends behind.
Veterans who wish for those years back when they should have been building and enjoying their young lives instead of defending our freedoms.

Veterans who wish that their sacrifices, the sacrifice of lives, the sacrifice of their families is not forgotten.

11/11/11 make a wish...

...come true, Thank a Veteran, pause to reflect on their sacrifice...REMEMBER

Sincere gratitude today to the Men, Women, and Families of service past and present who have sacrificed so many wishes of their own to afford us the lives and freedoms we enjoy today.