Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday...Your Turn @ The Table

"Just because a person smiles all the time, doesn't mean their life is perfect, that smile is a symbol of hope & strength."
I stole that line from a Tweeter. Usually I am against theft but this line really touched me. There is a general suspicion about people who are happy, as though society finds it so impossible that someone can actually BE happy. The automatic assumption is that happy, smiling people are hiding something, that people with a positive approach are less than genuine.  
Ever come across someone in shock? Have you ever had to remind someone to breath? We do this with kids all the time. When they come in the house sobbing so hard that they can't get their words out to tell us what is wrong. We look them straight in the eye and calmly tell them to "breath." They breath, the story comes out and we can work on the solution.
Smiling is a kin to breathing, sometimes you have to be reminded to smile so that you can work on the solution. It's a take on the Chicken and the Egg theory, which came first; the happiness or the smile?
A smile is hope, a smile is strength. A smile gives you a place to start when you feel like its all over. Gratitude today for the power of a smile and to the tweeter who shared such a great message. Especially yesterday, when I found out that yet another friend has been handed the challenge of battling Cancer. I will think about strength and hope when I see her smile.
Thursday...Your turn @ the table.....What are you Grateful for today? Share your gratitude here, with your friends, change your status, tweet it around. The the day you change might not be your own.
:) Michelle