Sunday, January 1, 2012

Maybe today

Maybe today I will get done the things on my to do list, I will get the laundry folded, the floors washed and the basement organized.

Maybe today will be the day that I improve my health through exercise and rebalancing my diet, or improve my finances by rebalancing my cheque book.

Maybe today I will heal a strained relationship or reach out to that person who has shut the world out.

Maybe today I will get rid of the clutter that is holding me to the past. There is a lot of past I love to hold on to but equally as much I need to let go of. Maybe today is the day I will free up that real estate for new memories.

Maybe today I will solve a problem, learn something new, share some knowledge.

Maybe today I will stop leaving 5 minutes later than intended, drive 5 kilometres slower than usual and arrive with 5 minutes to spare.

Maybe today I will have more patience with my children, my husband my dog. Maybe I will spend more time listening than talking and make 'in a minute' - 'this minute'.

Maybe today I will buy coffee for a stranger or smile at a passer by, perhaps I will leave someone with a smile and a brighter outlook for the day.

Maybe today I won't be shy about asking for what I want and telling people how I feel.

Maybe today I will write. For myself, for someone else, for a larger audience.

Maybe today I will ask someone else to believe in me.

Maybe today I will get the driveway paved or the paint the bathroom, maybe I will organize the laundry room or buy a new dining set.

Maybe today I will attend an event full of strangers without anxiety, fear or self consciousness. Maybe I will smile, meet new people, make new friends.

Maybe today I will worry less about what people think and worry more about how I make them feel.

Maybe today I will take my kids shopping or to a movie or on a vacation.

Maybe today I will get noticed or do the thing that puts me in front of the people I want to notice me.

Maybe today I will take note of the things that bring me joy and do more to nurture them.

Today is a day of infinite possibilities, the first day of a New Year, a brand new chance to get it right. Anything is possible but nothing; not love, or happiness, not success, personal satisfaction or laundry folding is attainable without intention.

Today is the day of realization that the Great Life is not going to fall out of the sky. Change requires planning, goal setting, personal inspection. Today is the day.

Today is the day to stick a post-it-note on the bathroom mirror that says "Maybe today..."

Today is the day to answer that question and make a plan to fulfil the goal.

Today is the day to change the screen saver from cute kittens to "Maybe today..." to put a note on the fridge, in the car, in a lunch bag, wallet, coat pocket, desk drawer... "Maybe today..."

The opportunity exists as equally with the rising of the sun each morning as it does with the strike of Midnight each year. Every day is another opportunity to ask the question "what are the Maybes?" What are the actions that will create the reality desired.

Today is the day to take the steps, move the mountains and follow the next right choice.

Today is the day to be grateful for the lessons of the past, the promise of the future and the ability to design your life.

Best wishes for a New Year filled with New Days and New Opportunities