Friday, September 7, 2012

A Parent's Job...


This is not my mess. I did not haul rod, reel, worms, tackle and fishing net out to the end of the dock. I did not bait the hook cast the line or get stuck in the weeds. It seems however that as soon as things got out of control and tangled up the expedition became my problem to solve...and I did. For the success of the adventure I cut the line, re-threaded the eyelets, re-rigged with tackle and sent my junior Izumie back to his post.

My kids bring me problems like this all of the time, they expect that when all else fails Mom can make things right (oh, the pressure) Sometimes I can fix things and sometimes I have to pass the problem sideways like a hot potato over to Dad. Occasionally we have to reach even further to solve a problem. In seventeen years it has become glaringly apparent that I could easily spend the rest of my life 'fixing' other people's problems, cleaning up other people's messes. As fulfilling as that sounds I also know that it is highly unlikely that I will live forever (despite my desire to do so) and that at some point these children will be going it alone. This thrills and terrifies me.

I have one hope...teach them to attempt their own solutions before running to me for help and if they do run to me for help teach them the solution. I forgot this when E first approached with monofiliment birds nest. Truthfully at that particular moment E's available time to learn a new skill far exceeded my patience to teach one. 

Gratitude today that I regained my parental heading when he came back a second time with an equipment malfunction. He didn't need me the third time.

"A Parent's to teach people not to need you anymore."

Gratitude, Hope & Smiles are meant to be shared...Happy Friday!