Friday, August 31, 2012

Once In a Blue Moon

If you look up into the sky tonight and provided you can see through the haze of city lights, smog and clouds you will be a witness to a phenomenal sight...A Blue Moon! I am rather certain that the moon will not actually be tinted blue, although given the fact that I have never seen a 'blue moon' before this is not a fact I can confirm either way. In my opinion it would be an astronomical feat of techno accomplishment on the part of God & Mother Nature but I'm not expecting it.

To be quite honest up until this very week I thought that a 'blue moon' was a not real thing. I believed it was one of those anomalies parents and grandparents made up to quantify their level of  astonishment when a child performed some amazing random feat of the unexpected; like putting dishes in the dishwasher or taking the garbage out un-nagged. Those things are the stuff of parental urban legend!

You can imagine my excitement to learn (via the power of facebook news) that a Blue Moon is an actual thing, an event, a scientific possibility! It happens tonight and this is going to be the best day of my life (if you don't count those ones when I got married and had babies and jazz)

I am expecting all of the following and then some...

  • I will sleep though the night
  • the kids will sleep through the night
  • the dog will sleep-in in the morning
  • somebody else will get up and feed the dog if he doesn't
  • Michael and I will go out on like a real live date
  • we will eat somewhere that doesn't serve slaw or present a 'treasure box' with the bill.
  • I will buy groceries and they will cost less than $200
  • I will bring said groceries home and the kids will unload the van and help put things away.
  • the laundry will be caught up
  • and put away
  • my in laws will visit
  • my brother will call
  • I will have awesome hair
  • there will be time for a full leg shave not just to the knee
  • I will control the remote
  • time will present itself for novel reading
  • kids will brush and floss without being reminded
I have high expectations for this blue moon thing, there won't be another until 2015, if I don't see results that's a long time to wait for a do-over. I should probably place a caveat here...I will gladly forgo the items listed if we can get the dishes into the dishwasher! That alone would put me 'over the moon.'

Enjoy your 'Blue Moon' and all the possibilities it holds for you. What is the one thing you hope comes with the second full moon of the month of August? (it really is a phenomenon, one that will not occur again until 2015)

Happy Friday everyone...Gratitude, Hope & Smiles are meant to be shared!