Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pleased to Meet You

Today I am grateful that we have allowed are kids to Dream their Hotdog Dreams.

Mike and I spent last night submersed in Meet the Teacher - High school Edition. As a rule I detest meet the teacher, in primary grades it equates to pediatrician visit for a check up to make sure growth and development are on track. Those sit downs are critical to the success of your child. Grade school is where you find out if your child has all of their academic fingers and toes so to speak.

High school however is a whole new ball game. Going to meet your children's high school teachers is like going to sit in on a performance review for your spouse. This really is the truth, this is their world, how they preform or do not perform is up to them. The effort and attention they give to their success is that...their effort. The success or failure that results is also theirs. We are not dealing with children anymore, these are people who can drive and will soon vote and will be able to legally consume alcohol, rent cars, lease apartments, file taxes and land in the 'big house' not the juvie home if that is the course they chart. Most parents recognize it, high school is a testing ground for young adults to try on their choices with a safety net.

But we go, because even though it is completely optional it is also completely crucial. We go because that is what advisors do, and advisors is what parents become. Personally I go so that I can put a face to a name when my young adults are complaining. I go so that I can understand the personalities of the adults they are spending time with so that when they say "I don't know what to do." I can offer some insight on how they might appease the ego at the front of the room. I go so that they know that even through this is their gig they are not there without support. It is a little bit like following the bus in your car the first time you let them take it to the mall. It is our job to know their business not run their business.

Gratitude today for the teachers met last night who greeted us with smiles indulged our general academic chit chat and who put their nerves on the line everyday in the name of preparing young adults for the real world; that's a job worth a medal!

Gratitude as well to my girls who have impressed us once again with their commitments to making the very most of the opportunity high school represents.

Gratitude, Hope and Smiles are meant to be's Thursday... Your turn @ the table, what are you grateful for today?