Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When Things Turn Out Better Than You Planned

Monday night in an effort to get everything accomplished I wished to accomplish, I asked Mike to take KJ to the drugstore to pick up some facial cleanser she was desiring.

I wanted to get everything done so that I could participate in a Twitter party chat about building more connected families. Thank you to our lovely host @Seemummyjuggle for moderating a great party and a big thank you as well to @JustinCoulson who is facilitating a parenting boot camp in Pleasantville over the next few weeks. This week we were challenged to become more emotionally available to our children (something most of us think we do a pretty good job of already until we examine just how good a job we are doing at it).

So I sent Mike and KJ to the store in search of some elusive yet magical face goop. It tied in beautifully with the challenge for boot camp this week and co-ordinated with my 'already in my comfy pants' state. A win-win for everyone. I gave myself a gentle pat on the back.

Then they returned, giggling and joking around about old lady creams and teenagers who need jobs (ahemmmm...a hint, hint worth repeating) mission accomplished! They also returned with a gift for me...Ahhhhh, how very sweet.

This was it...

"We picked up that book for you everyone is talking about"

To which I answered with a red face and a muted giggle, "Thank you, that's awesome."

Maybe it was the money sticking out of the top (KJ's half of the face cream - repaid to Dad) or maybe it was the look on Lula's face. Maybe it was the quiet conversation she pulled me aside for afterward in which she 'warned' me of the adult content of the book, wanting to be sure I was prepared for what she hears is "Porno for Women"

I can't look at my gift without laughing now...

Gratitude today for boot camps, conversations that challenge us, gifts from the heart, gifts of the heart and confirmation that my teenagers are comfortable approaching Mom on such delicate topics. (Gratitude that apparently I am sending just the right signals as well ;)
Have an amazing Tuesday, If you get the chance, if you feel inspired to challenge yourself a little stop by Pleasantville, join in on the Boot Camp...kids aren't the only ones growing on this journey!
Gratitude, Hope & Smile are meant  to be shared!