Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sing It...or Something Like It

On Monday, I starred out at the lake and thought "I'd love to capture this in a sketch." Just as quickly I dismissed the thought. Ordinary life does not allow for indulgence, It's likely been about 18 years since I picked up a pencil and allowed myself some freedom of expression.

On Tuesday, I starred out at the lake and thought "I'd love to capture this in a sketch." This time I picked up Lula's sketch pad and her pouch of pencils and plopped myself down in a lawn chair, with a plan to sketch just until my coffee went cold and the kids crawled out of bed.

On Wednesday I starred out at the lake and thought "I'm not sure I captured it in this sketch." Immediately I began singing that song from Sesame Street....you know the one 'Sing, sing a song,... sing it loud, sing it strong. It really doesn't matter if it's not good enough... for anyone else to hear... just sing...sing your song....nahnahnahanahananahahannahahanan' (you're singing it aren't you?)

The point was not the final product really, it was the act of indulging a whim, singing my song and being grateful with granting myself permission to indulge a long suppressed creative energy.  It felt great, I should be good for another 18 years.

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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