Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrating Pay-It-Forward-Friday

Pay It Forward Friday...Have you participated?

It started out as an idea to brighten someone's day by paying for the person behind you in the drive thru coffee line. If you have been a random recipient are you still smiling? Have you returned the favour and Paid it Forward? If you were the person who Paid, are you still feeling great?

I love Pay it Forward Friday! Thank you to Neil Hedley for giving it a #PIFF for tweeters (that's right, right? or is it Twits? I swear I'll never fully understand the media) The tag challenges one another to #PIFF.

One way I like to Pay it Forward (beyond the intention of the movement is to list all the great ways I have seen people in the community doing good, paying it forward and making little differences in everyday life.

This week...

  • 50 Teens 4 Christmas, Food Love & The $5 Project join forces (a special thanks to my friends who are helping with our contribution to this fabulous event)
  • Gibson's Sound & Vision is recycling e-waste for Habitat for Humanity
  • Uptown Waterloo Oktoberfest & Kix 106 Oktoberfest breakfast is collecting for the Waterloo Region Food Bank. Along with area school, Firehalls, grocery stores, and the Parade.
  • United Way fundraisers are happening all over the Region
  • An entire office has a Blood Donation clinic booked in support of a co-worker battling Cancer
  • Temperatures are dropping,  people are collecting coats, hats & mitts
  • STIMMA is collecting basic medial and personal items for an upcoming mission

I am sure there are 100 other projects of community do-good going on. If I missed your event, if you know of something that deserves a mention please let me know!

Have a great Friday everyone. Support the efforts of community do-gooding and do some good yourself. Pay it forward in that drive thru line, hold a door, stick you change in the donation can, let someone have your parking spot, give a stranger I promise that warm fuzzy feeling will follow you all day!