Monday, October 3, 2011

Living the Dream

Some believe in dreams, I believe in those who dream.

I've been pretty busy lately...

I've been sitting in freezing arenas at ungodly hours and standing around bon fires in ungodly temperatures. Last week I was standing in the middle of the road while Michael weaved around on his motorcycle. Yesterday I was standing in my friend's kitchen congratulating her hard work and success. I've been washing favourite shirts and driving around the world. I smell like dog and bad air freshener. I've been baking cookies, writing stories, listening and talking, asking questions and looking for answers. My house is a mess. My van needs to be cleaned, my floors need to be mopped.

and my dreams are coming true. I get to encourage people to reach for thier joy, I get to help, I get to tell people that they can. I get to wipe tears and hand out high-fives. I get to celebrate and hold the rope. I get to see success and pride up close.

Gratitude today for everyone who stands behind me in my dreams. The people who know that nothing brings me more joy than encouraging others to be grateful, joyful and in full pursuit of their passion all the time.