Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sweet Bugger All

It's 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Do you know what I or rather we have done today?....Sweet bugger all! and it was  WONDERFUL!

We got hockey practice out of the way early this morning, we were home by 11 and I was back into my comfy pants by 11:05. KJ hasn't even gotten out of her PJs yet. Lula had to work for a few hours but then she is off to catch up with Friends over the new Walking Dead something or other. Mike's been laid up on the couch all afternoon with a bad back and the classic "Easy Rider." E-man and Cooper are on round 68 of wrestle mania Dog vs. Boy. Life is Good.

I didn't get laundry done today or groceries. I didn't clean the bathroom or wash the floors. I watched crappy old movies, made a big pot of stew, helped KJ with a batch of peanut butter sandwich cookies, I cleaned up after her and ate some cookies too! I didn't step on the elliptical or do my hair or put on my face.

Our greatest accomplishment might in fact be these peanut butter sandwich cookies.  I have a feeling though that an accomplishment greater still is that we did NOTHING and we did it without guilt. Life is so busy that we very rarely have unplanned time to do nothing. We try every Sunday to have a decompression day, a day to catch up, prepare for the week ahead and relax. This we WE DID IT!!!

Tonight I am celebrating with my feet up a cup of tea and a cookie. Sure I'll need another 20 minutes on the elliptical tomorrow but tonight I'm grateful.

Gratitude, Hope and Smile are meant to be shared.