Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Life - This Life -

This song has been moving me for weeks, I've been cranking in up on my commute, singing it to my kids, dancing in the kitchen to it and yes even shedding a few tears to it.

Tuesday night Lula and KJ enjoyed their very first ever concert sans Mom or Dad, complete with swaying cell phone backlights and concert t-shirts. Needless to say they were incredibly excited. Makeup, straight irons and clothes were flying in wild anticipation. The giggling, bouncing and teen peculations were off the charts! Post concert chatter was a little like having a conversation in a blender. It's been more than 24 hours now since the final curtain and I think we might be coming back down. Although the excitement is probably going to be revisited with the wearing of the concert Ts.

I curled up with KJ this evening to look at her pictures. I joked with the girls before they left ..."If you meet the band tell them how much your mom loves 'One Life'" they laughed at me but they both recorded the performance for me on their phones. Yes, I want to cry. They get it, they get that One Life is the message that I am always trying to live and deliver.

Tonight the message is crucial to me. Someone very special has returned to hospital to battle his demons. Here is what I want him to know; If love and concern were enough to heal you, you would be healed  a million times over, our love would have done that. Love it is not enough, sometimes love keeps us from the thing that could do the healing. Sometimes we all need the help of strangers, they are your hope, let them help you to heal. You will get better and I am going to love you by staying back and letting the strangers do the thing that our love is not enough to accomplish. You are worth doing the work, but you have to do it. KJ says it's not enough to do the work, you have to want whats on the other side of the work. We are all be here waiting, loving you and praying for you. That never changes. You get One Life - don't stop. I wish that I had not failed to show you how amazing your life can be.

Gratitude tonight for musicians, children, friends and strangers sharing the message of One Life.