Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grateful Thursday

Grateful Thursday has arrived, around here we call it Your Turn @ the Table. On Twitter we use the tag #GratefulThursday, on Facebook we just say "Hey, what are you grateful for today?"

Wherever you are joining in and however you choose to recognise your grateful, sharing is the important part. Sharing inspires others to look for the 'good' in their own day, wear a smile and pass it on.

I have some smiles to share this week, many little reasons to BE Grateful...

  • E learned that his class would be welcoming a new learner. A little girl who speaks only Mandarin. My heart burst when he declared that he needed an "app" to learn Mandarin. Being able to make her feel welcome with a friendly hello delivered in her own language was very important to him. This week we learned that Nǐ Hǎo (pronounced; Knee-how) means hello and wǒ jiào (pronounced: whoa jow) means My name is.

  • Lula and KJ have worked out a unique way to over come their squabbles. I called home to check in on them following a heated after school encounter. "We're all good now mom" I heard. "It was rough there for a bit but then I mooned her... she laughed... we're good."

  • Michael's enthusiasm for enterprise and making things work is being rejuvenated with his part-time business adventure. It's so nice to see him light up over something again.

  • There is a very nice lady named Candace who runs a little place called Pleasantville. She lets me write for Best Tools for Schools and makes me smile with her kind review of same. If you have never been to Pleasantville you should go there sometime, it's very nice. Maybe we can meet there next week while I'm visiting. (Oh, and Candace that MEME thing is still on my desktop, pics picked, posts written - blogs to pass along to is tripping me up- but I'll get there!)

  • I drank soy milk and did not die.

  • The dog's cone of 'no lick yourself' has saved a great deal of my house from being chewed and quite likely the cat's life the other night.

  • E won some great new teeth at school during a Diabetes awareness activity - I love them - that is all

  • I am watching a friend's life restore to balance and harmony - that is a very nice thing to witness.

  • My health and fitness are improving every day - up to 10km on the elliptical, blood pressure is dropping steadily, I seem to have misplaced my Muffin top along the way.

  • The very nice folks at @WelkerandAssoc have shared my stories in their Community Chronicle along with some very fine writing company. A big thank you for that, it's always a nice surprise when what you write rings a bell with someone and they pass it along.

  • A dear one received news this week. Not the news she wanted but not the devastating news everyone was anticipating - that's a pretty remarkable thing, not everybody gets so lucky.

There is more, there is always more. That's what I love about gratitude, it is one of those rare things in life, like love, it multiples as you give it away.

Your turn @ the table....Leave a comment, post a #GratefulThursday tweet, change your Facebook status, tell the girl in the coffee drive thru window that you appreciate her. Share your Gratitude today. I promise it will make someone's day...maybe even your own :)

Aren't they great!