Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go for the Goal

Life without a goal is like driving without a destination. A goal without a plan is like having a destination but no gas in the tank to get you there. Evidently we need both; the goal and the plan to get us there.

The goal part is easy... I want to lose weight, I want to get fit, I want to improve our finances, I want to take my kids on a holiday, I want to get a pedicure, I want to go to bed sometime before 11pm and sleep past 5am. The word goal has a magical connotation, I set a thousand of them everyday and say 'goal' like a hocuspocus word... say it and things magically appear or disappear as the case might be.

Really the magic is in the plan. Planning the habits that support the goal. Seventy days ago I set a goal to get fit. I've been setting that goal for most of my adult life. Seventy days ago I made a plan to support my goal of getting fit. I set my clock to get me up twenty minutes earlier, I rearranged my morning schedule to make fitness fit in. I started the first week trying to get through 1 song on my elliptical. I planned habits and they stuck. Now I am up to eight songs (or 10km) on my elliptical on cardio days and I have added in a strength training and toning routine. I don't miss a day and I am achieving my goal. I am getting fit.

Time to apply the 'plan' principal to another personal goal. Writing for real is a goal I have touted for a very long time, one I dabble in achieving but it is time to get serious. Dabbling just won't do, this is an all-in or nothing dream. Last night was goal planning night, family goals and personal goals. I brought my writing goal to the table because a goal like that is going to need plan supporters.

So here is the plan... We have blocked off time in the family schedule for Mom to write and we have blocked off time for mom to research and network. These are specific times when Mom will "be at work" Dad will be officially in  charge and Mom will be 'unreachable'. Part two of the goal is to connect with minimum three opportunities every week. Part 3 is to get out from under my rock and not be shy about what I do.

So here I go with a goal to reach and a plan to get me there. With much gratitude to my family for supporting the plan and encouraging me. Much gratitude too to any of you reading who may be connected to publishers, writers, readers, agents, celebrity, editors or other persons of connection that you might pass my name and works along to *shameless hint dropping*

See you at the finish line!

Another step in the plan is a Facebook page to collect me writing - it's under constant construction...I'd love for you to stop by share your thoughts...Don't forget to 'like' the page! Thinking Places

Have a fabulous Thursday...don't forget to share your gratitude.