Thursday, July 12, 2012

Popping in for a Grateful Thursday ... (then I'm gone again)

I feel rather obligated to write a post today, not that obligation should ever be the fuel for creative expression. There is pressure that comes with obligation that you just don't get from impulse.  There should be no expectation on this piece therefore. (that just took some of the pressure off)

For my friends who meditate you understand that there is great clarity born of silence. An understanding found in moments of self inspection and observation that aren't found standing in the middle of the freeway. We need moments of silence to reacquaint with our desires and check our bearings. You just can't get that standing in the middle of the fast lane in nothing but your knickers and flip-flops desperately trying to hold your own against the rush of traffic, waving your arms and jumping around frantically to get noticed so you don't get mowed down. At some point you need to step off, plunk yourself down in the grassy median assess your circumstances and recharge.

That's where I am, over here in the grass between the east-bound and west-bound lanes. *waves hello* I've taken a break from everything, writing, social media, T.V. texting, talking, thinking; it's just me over here catching my breath checking the map and figuring out where I need to be and how I am going to get there... or rather it is Mike and I plunked in the weeds figuring it out together; where our family needs to be and how we are going to get them there. I'm looking at the traffic rushing past in both directions and wondering how the hell we've survived this far! It is easy to see exactly where we want to get to, but it means jumping back out into traffic and trying to navigate across four lanes of eastbound traffic in our knickers and flipflops to the other shoulder. This is not going to be easy, but no adventure worth risking ever came without some fear.

Gratitude today for grassy medians, big signs and my first class husband and travel companion - I love you.

It is also Grateful Thursday, (hence to obligation - I need to hear from you!) so I'm hollering across from the center lane "WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR TODAY?" can you hear me over the traffic?


Now I have to get back to standing in traffic.