Thursday, July 5, 2012

You're Going to Miss This

In the midst of the Terrible Twos I never envisioned missing them. It never occurred to me that I would want back the piggy tailed banshees and their displays of public humiliation. I couldn't imagine pining for the days when my children melted to the grocery store linoleum like limp noodles to writhe and cry in protest over cookies, cart pushing and gummy bears. I never stood over my toddlers as they filled the air with whaling tears and thought 'these are good times'. Until I land on one of those raising teenager days that makes the Terrible Twos look like a trip to Disney.

My Gran used to say 'little kids, little troubles'.

Gratitude today that children reach full size somewhere between fourteen and eighteen and that the grocery store is inherently void of Slinkys. One can retreat there for some solitude and a trip down memory lane watching young moms struggle with their 'good times'.

Grateful's your turn @ the table. What's on your list of Gratitude today?