Monday, January 20, 2014


2/3 of the children in our home have had the cold/flu in the past week. Consequently ½ of adults do now as well. I pulled the short straw; I write this to you from bed today where I am resting and healing. Healing with a box of Kleenex, a packet of rice crackers and my faithful and loving friend…the dog (I wish he could make tea)

I’ve slept most of the morning but a person cannot sleep forever, eventually we have to wake-up. Even if we cannot find the strength to roll out of bed we have to do something beyond nothing. I chose to entertain my thirst; I booted up my computer, logged into our Netflix account and went in search of a great documentary. I love documentaries. What I found was beyond greatness.

I won’t talk long here; all of the words I could string together in a lifetime would fail to deliver a message so sincerely and succinctly as I AM

I AM….it is beautiful, truthful, begging; an emotional call to healing. I AM will expand your view or change it.

I promised when I rejigged the Space to share with you my finds that fire and inspire. This is one truly breathtaking example. I hope you will watch and enjoy and talk about I AM with people you encounter.

Isn't it funny...I set out today with the intention to heal. I hope, I AM



Below is the trailer from the official site for the Movie, the Movement I AM ....The movie is available on Netflix! If you watch I'd love your thoughts :)