Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Peace of Practice

Back from the buzz, the constant humming and busyness of family celebrations and holiday cheer. Back from the feasts and throng. It always feels wonderful returning to this…normal, even with the absurdity of how busy normal is; there is comfort in the routines we are able to slip into an ordinary day.

The first few days back are chaotic at best, engorged with a backlog of ignored and neglected duties, lost mittens, backpacks and safety patrol vests. It takes a solid block of time to wrestle the recycling, the un-decorating and the laundry under control. Cobwebs waste no time creeping over both the house and my head after just two weeks off and much ‘out of the ordinary’. I swear the first 12 minutes of Monday morning were spent lying quietly in bed trying to recall the actual time I get up to push the button that makes life go.

However, despite the requisite struggle to right the ship, this year has been better than most; both the being off and the getting back. Thanks largely to Practice.

‘Practice’ is my personal devotion to create and maintain a peaceful happy life through personal awareness, growth, meditation and contemplation. New age Hippy-Dippy fluff lots might call it but without hesitation I will declare that adopting the Hippy-Dippy fluff is one of the very best gifts I have ever given myself. Beyond the mental health and happiness benefits there are the residual benefits of increased physical wellness and strengthened personal relationships. A strange and beautiful transformation in all aspects of life happens as you learn to ‘be’.

Mindfulness and present moment awareness which are tools of practice got me through most of the holiday, and are responsible for 98% of my ‘mostly calm’ demeanour in these first days back. There is much to be celebrated in that accomplishment! Still I have to say that most of what I have been able to sustain over the past few weeks is the equivalent of meditative triage; in the field, fire-out techniques succinct but far from enduring and I can feel my spirit longing for the comfort and sustenance of retreat. I’m sure everyone else in my circle is longing for my retreat too as my patience dwindles, my humour fades and my tolerance for hiccups withers and dies. I can read their faces that silently plead “Go! Go now and be quiet, meditate, get in touch, reconnect with your inner peace. Whatever it is that makes you tick happily along….please…GO, do it now!”  Perhaps my practice is the best gift I’ve ever given them!

Along with getting back to work, school and life routines it’s wonderful to be back to the routine of Practice. Except that I feel like I’d like to share a little more of the journey with others as I begin year two. So I’m re-jigging.

When I created The Space Between Raindrops it was to keep us, as a family, on track and welded to the idea of uncovering and celebrating the many blessings of our lives (and to indulge myself with a place to write). In its’ time it became a treasure of memories for me, and much to my surprise, brought some smiles to others as well.

After Gratitude, Mindfulness seems the best suited title for the next chapter.

I have no way of knowing what kind of stories will land here while I capture the triumphs and struggles of my Hippy-Dippy quest but you are more than welcome to follow along, laugh with me or at me, ask questions, share and maybe dip your toes in the water.

Much Love,