Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Can You Spare a Thought for the Good Side?

I’m reading along this morning from the book Happier Than God ~ Neale Donald Walsch

I’ve been absorbing his take on Self Creation, a simple principal (which he is not the first nor will he be the last) to publish and preach in an effort to help people, as he puts it; ‘turn ordinary life into an extraordinary experience’. The theory has been alive in humanity from the beginning of time and gained enormous attention most notably through the series of books and movies ‘The Secret’.

 --Here’s a secret; the producers of that series didn’t create the theory – they simply exposed it and in the process, sadly, cult-ified It, bringing a legion of naysayers out into the light. It all creates a little more work for those of us who believe in the universal awareness that our thoughts create our world. Thankfully a great many more of those minds were created as well though the series.

Walsch’s book is a little more intrinsically interesting in that he attempts, with great success, to acknowledge and explain and identify God in the process and in the course, in fact, answers a bigger question about the what/who/where God might be. It’s an interesting take that kept me hooked and reading the common theme.
And I am grateful for the take that kept me reading because long about page 195 I hit this gem:

‘The energy that creates the solution must be equal to the energy that creates the problem’

And I was paralyzed for a moment.

I am sure I must have heard this somewhere before but for some reason the words hit me with a strange sense of clarity today.

Perhaps because I’ve been wondering quite a lot lately: ‘Why is it so difficult to convince some people that it is possible to turn even the most dreadful of lives into a positive experience? Why do some people get it and others struggle? Is the cynical population exploding? Why do people find it so hard to believe that joy is their birthright—that they are meant to be happy, to live happy, to enjoy life? That Life was never intended to be a sentence.

And there on page 195 was an answer to my question….

Every person is born with the same potential. At the exact moment we are born every one has an equal opportunity to live a positive life or a negative life regardless of the circumstances we are born into. The potential to view the glass as half empty or half full is the same for every one of us. An instant later we are exposed; exposed to a greater collective consciousness. The thought of every person you are exposed to and the thought of every person they have been exposed to and the world views which each of them has been exposed to affects the way we think. In this way we are all undeniably inextricably connected.

Years of progress have cultured an enormous collective consciousness of negative thinkers. There is a seriously high ratio of negative energy, energy that influences us to think the worst will happen and that life is meant to be a struggle….and so the worst happens and life indeed becomes a struggle.

What we think we create.

There is an incredible amount of energy that goes into creating and sustaining our negative life problems and pattern….and a serious lack of energy to convince us otherwise.

Which all leaves even the most positive person frustrated some days; how do you cultivate an equal amount of energy for the solution? How do convince a person, a community or a culture that has spent a lifetime feeding on thoughts and energy of negative thinking, judgement, anger, frustration, hurt, contempt and jealously that there is joy, happiness, laughter, fearlessness and love waiting to be theirs?

How do you spread the notion that we are not meant to be miserable?

Perhaps slowly, in a manner equal to that in which negativity has crept through the world.

Begin with a thought …"Life is good”

Once you plant that thought the universe gets to work creating that reality for you (Yup, that’s the ‘Secret’ that is not a secret). But here is the thing you can’t just think it once on a good day and voila! ….You have to think it every day, even on the worst days. You have to nurture that thought. You have to practice finding the good and the things to be grateful for; you have to tell yourself you are a happy person even if you don’t believe it. You have to maintain a daily devotion to surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences; you have to water your thought with doses of motivation every day. You have to combat the negative energy that’s always at hand and you have to celebrate every single day you wake up and the fact is true: ‘Life is Good’

And when it becomes reality (—yes, and it will)…then…..You have to share your thought with the people you encounter. Plant a seed for them that ‘Life is Good’

Will people think you’re nuts? …maybe….but what do you care? Better to be nuts and happy than mainstream and miserable I say!

Because here is the thing….

What you think you create…and I think we can create an energy for the solution that equals the energy of the problem.

Repeat after me ‘Life is Good’—pass it on.