Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Things a Mother Does for Her Family

A few tickets for a rare Tuesday night Ranger’s game tonight and a brief discussion around the table; a discussion in which we decided that Ethan was enough on the mend to attend and where we also debated what ‘boyfriendless-for-the-evening’ Kate should do for the night.

Not quite enough tickets for everyone, what is a mother to do?
I pulled out my very best ‘selfless mother voice’ and offered her my ticket to watch the game.

She debated. “If I go to the game what will you do? Will you have fun if you stay home?”

Mike was near convulsions…which did not subside in the least when I emerged from the bedroom 18 seconds later in my comfy pants.

“I’ll figure out something."

And just so she doesn’t think I was making it up to ease her conscious, I thought I would make her a short outline.

While you are at the hockey game.........I will be busy taking care of you

I will wash the dishes from dinner and bask in the glory of a clean kitchen

I will write

I will read

I will sit in silent meditation for a little while—that will actually be silent

I will catch up with a few friends on line. Maybe make a phone call.

I will sweep the living room, make the bed and change the toilet paper roll—all things that make me feel like I live a normal life.

I might fold a load of laundry or maybe I won’t

I will enjoy the rare and beautiful moment of solitude to the fullest and there will be a much better Mom waiting for you when you get back home.

So yes, really….take my ticket. You deserve it.