Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toss Those Cookies

In some circles I’m known for my peanut butter cookies; soft, slightly chewy without the requisite dryness of a stereotypical peanut butter cookie. I take great pride in my peanut butter cookies. It took years of searching and years of producing substandard offerings to land on the perfect recipe.

When I set out to bake a batch of peanut butter cookies I shut the rest of the world out, I poor my soul into mixing and measuring. I want people to taste the love.

Hell, I even bent my ‘no fork mark’ rule and added fork marks to improve the enjoyment of everyone who expects to be transported back to their youth with a simple cookie.

It’s work to make the very best Peanut Butter cookies; the kind you can’t keep in the cookie tin, the kind you can give away, the kind you can win a ‘blind-sided’ taste test with.

Last night I noticed, on the back of the Kraft PB jar, a “recipe” for peanut butter cookies. I looked at it with great scepticism….you can’t make peanut butter cookies with 3 ingredients. No flour, no brown sugar, no butter—who are they kidding? Still it looked like I could whip up a quick excuse for home baking, impress my kids, June Cleaver-up a Tuesday night and still have time for all the ‘other’ things I wanted to do. (that was this postfrom last night)

The recipe made 15 12 …11 cookies in the time it took to wash the dishes.

I stuck a few in Mike’s lunch this morning—super wife??? I think so *wink wink* the way to a man’s heart and all that stuff. After nearly 30 years together you can get away with a substandard cookie once in a while.

You would think…..and so did I, until…

I popped in to check in with my Facebook friends over lunch and this was staring my in the face…..

Sometimes we try too hard—and don’t even know it.