Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eye Off The Prize

One of my favourite moments of any day is the time I spend on my yoga mat. I practice in my living room because that is where I am comfortable and where the only one who might see me is the dog (who incidentally, does not care that I pose in my pj’s or house pants not Lululemon).

There is a happiness that overcomes my spirit when I settle myself down on the mat, a smile that lights up from the inside and a pride in taking the time to care for myself. I love the pace of Hatha and the patience of the movements and I love the message delivered by my instructor today…..

“In your practice today I want you to focus on wilful determination and non-concern for results”

What a beautiful way to treat yourself.

The statement is a simple reminder that there are two aspects to every undertaking; the effort and the success. Being in a mindful state asks us always to be focused on the effort. What a great relief of pressure it is to give yourself permission to concern yourself only with the action and effort at hand understanding that the results or success will determine themselves. If you love what you are doing success is a natural consequence.

Most successful people will tell you that the success they’ve ended up with looks nothing like the success they set out to achieve. In most cases it surpasses anything they could have limited themselves to in their wildest dreams or think-tank sessions. In most cases people find themselves surprised by the results.

They are not alone, I find myself astounded when I suddenly realize that I am looking at my own ass.

The truth is that if I set out focused on making this happen I would be celebrating my wretched failure in traction, and gulping down a Robaxacet cocktail.

But by simply keeping my focus on the effort, the breath, the push and surrender of the instructed posture… to my amazement I find myself in the most astounding postures!

This is the beauty of yoga. Success or failure is never a goal but success always emerges; much to my surprise and generally doubled when I manage to untangle myself back out of any given pretzel pose.

I love the line the instructor leaves with as the session ends as well…

“Maintain this subtle state of mind and carry it with you throughout your day”

And suddenly yoga is right up there with coffee in the ‘must have’s’ of a successful day.

Happy Pancake Tuesday!