Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Breaks

Spring Break started today. I'm so excited.The kids are home and up at the crack of "why don't you get out of bed like this on a school day?" There are plans on every child and teenager's agenda just waiting to be crushed by the reality check of Mom and her trusty fiscal strategy and acceptable risk policy. All in all the air is electric with the excitement of freedom. A quick poll and the number one reason kids are happy for March Break....the actual break. The break from teachers, homework, early bedtimes and early mornings, the break from routine. And they are going to get it--the break. I'm going to, this year, just like in years past allow them (within safety and financial restraints, of course) to do what they want, enjoy what they want and thoroughly escape from school and routines. There will be video games and hockey games, eating Nutella out of the jar and lounging in PJs all day. It's not the way every parent views the March Break opportunity but I think it's incredibly important to return to the basics of just being a kid. It's a fresh start, it's self care, it's a great way to prepare for the second half of the school year. It's Detoxification! 

Get in on the act! Beyond staying in your PJs until 3 and watching movie marathons check out some of my favourite ways to Detox everyday life...

For the Body
I start mine this coming week. A real food detox similar to one I did last spring but I found this Book (via Dr. Oz) that feels like a real and do-able cleanse for my family who cannot realistically survive or navigate a harsh regiment of a juice cleanse or other fad.

For the Home
Open the windows, change the furnace filter, fill the halls with fresh air! Wash comforters and drapes. Clean out the cleaners and replace some of the harsh chemical ones with natural alternatives where you can. This is something that is getting easier and more affordable as more mainstream natural products come on to the market. I admit, my use of natural cleaners is equal to my ability to recycle; good intentions meet realistic manageability. But there are some great ideas to implement where you can.
Natural Cleaning Recipes

For Relationships
Okay, I don’t have a link for this one but I know from experience that sometimes the very best thing you can do for your relationships with family and friends is to step back, take a break. I always find I appreciate everyone a little more after a pause. Do this often and when you are happy with people so that while you are ‘away’ you are rejuvenating not stewing. Taking this break when you’re angry is toxic not detoxing.

Social Media Detox
This is vitally important in today’s connectedness; so important that I try to do it once a week. I leave the media for a day. It’s hard and I’m not always successful but I try. Could you do it? 24 hours without Facebook, twitter, texting, Pinterest, Instagram. Could you eat a meal without posting a picture of it first or hang out with friends without ‘checking-in’? Could you not ‘selfie’ for a day? It’s harder than you think but sooooo good for your mental health. In social media we are always comparing ourselves to the very best of everyone else’s life (nobody posts reality). Detox, enjoy your own life, compare your happiness to…well—how happy you are. If you can’t manage a day each week, at the very least commit to a weekend each month.
Social Media Detox

In the end Detoxing is like cleaning out your closet and getting rid of all the things you don’t wear anymore; it opens you up, makes you feel wonderful, physically and mentally. It makes room for new and wonderful experiences. Above all it is a way of loving yourself that can improve your happiness, patience, health and zest for life!

Here’s to fresh starts…and spring breaks!

Happy Weekend J