Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dr.'s Waiting Room Got Nothing on Me

There are things we take for granted everyday. Items we pass by, Things we live with that take up space but not much of our attention. Items like family photos that hang on the wall. They hang there, you pass them 12 times a day as you travel up and down the stairs delivering laundry and running to the washroom but would you notice if someone drew a mustache on Grandma Betty? No, not until a visiting friend inquires about when Grandma stopped shaving. (I promise at that moment you will also notice that it's been awhile since you dusted the tops of those photo frames).

Our home is an extreme example, every room looks like a "find 12 things that are wrong with this picture" page. Every once in a while I catch something myself. Like the magazines you will find in my powder room should you find yourself in need of "reading material" Wow! that's neglectful, even for me!

Today I am grateful for the many friends and family members who have used this room since 2003 and have never commented on my domestic ineptitude.