Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow! We're All Moving in the Same Direction! (I'm just going to arrive with heartburn)

It's been a really good week. Everyone in our home is moving forward in one way or another.

Lula began picking courses for grade 11 with future university hopes in Sociology. It's amazing where her life is taking her! She's full into semester two now and she loves her teachers. I am always amazing at how she manages to balance school, work, friends and family... she seems to have it all together and makes us very proud.

KJ received her first course selections for highschool! Now the big choices begin... you can see how excited she is about the possibilities and opportunity that highschool life presents. I have to interject here that she put a very proud smile on my face this week with a 100% on her geography test and a 97% on a history one! way to go!

E-man is preparing to participate in his first ever inter-school basketball game! He has a Saturn sized ring around his mouth from nerves but boy is he pumped for this! He really is becoming a leader among his peers and I love that visiting teachers have taken the time to write home to us about his gentle supportive spirit.

Michael is really looking forward to our planned R&R. A road trip is just what the Doctor ordered. I think he's counting the sleeps until he can gas up the van and collect paper coffee cups! Michael loves to explore with our family and this quiet moment before a very exciting future emerges is the prefect opportunity.

As for me, I am celebrating the completion of my first and last ever "free biscuit day" My stop over in fast food is coming to an end. life is moving forward in my financial job and I'm looking forward to serving my last "coke with that?" 

To celebrate, I also ate my first and last biscuit sandwich with the hope that the repercussions of that act far outlast what remains of my time in the burger kingdom!