Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take 5

We all have days where we need to "practice" gratitude. Challenging days and experiences plague us all. These are also the time we need to dig a little deeper and unearth some gratitude. Finding little things to be grateful for opens the door for more good to come in.

Here's a quick trick for those moments when we need to "take 5"

1...think of all the places you'll go today. Which one is your favourite. Maybe you are a mother of 3 and your favourite place to be is the solitude of your bathroom. It's okay to be grateful for locking doors and running water.

2 ...What's the song playing over and over again in your head right now? "Take this Job and Shove It" ? That's a good one!  I bet in your head your rehearsing the choreography too! You can be grateful for a sense of humour.

3 ...What 's the best thing you've eaten today? That first cup of coffee? A muffin, that was suppose to be carrot but turned out to be banana because that girl who served you screws it up every morning?

4 ... Quick! Count how many people said good morning or hello to you today. Who from that list were you happiest to see? I bet it wasn't the girl that serves your muffin but I bet she said good morning.

5 ...Go back over the list and think about what you could have answered. Right now the best place someone might be is with their child in a hospital room. Someone's song could be "Amazing Grace". Some people won't think about what they've eaten but rather if their children will eat tonight. Some people have lost the one person that makes them happiest to see.