Thursday, March 17, 2011

The More the Merrier? You Better Believe It!

It's March Break in our neck of the woods. Kids are spending time enjoying the leisure life..sleeping in, watching cartoons all day, texting at the speed of light and updating their facebook status on the hour. I fully expect when I arrive home to be greeted with a counter full of dirty dishes, empty toilet paper rolls and fully scavenged cupboards.

On Monday the Pyjama precedent was set. PJ's will be worn until 4:23pm. On Tuesday bedtime was established. Under 12 set, lights out by 10...the over 13 set better have lights out before my alarm goes off for work in the morning.

I would love if a fraction of time was spent on homework and reading. I would be thrilled if someone suddenly developed a propensity for cleanliness. I would be over the moon with joy if a plan was hatched to spend an afternoon in the fresh air. But I refuse to sweat it. It's one week, an easy fraction of time of which the nagging is easily recouped, might as well let them soak up a week of zero responsibility. I know I would totally enjoy that kind of vacation!

That was the plan. Plans change at a moments notice in our world and plans changed to include our 3 nephews. When plans change...responsibilities change.

Sometimes the best way to handle those changes in responsibility is to add MORE kids to the mix
6 take over the living room and Lego land... wait count again...there should be 8 total. Lock the door we lost 2!!!!!
Today I am grateful for big kids who enjoy the games that little kids play. I am especially grateful to my girls for adapting their plans for March Break to include responsibility and more grateful than they know that I didn't need to ask.