Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pancakes Save the Day!

Can there be a better day than one that ends with eating pancakes for supper? I think not!

When I was reminded by a friend this morning that today was Pancake Tuesday my mood immediately brightened. I savoured that tidbit like a buttery, syrup soaked, hot off the griddle delicacy. I decided to share my joy. I wished people in my path a "Happy Pancake Day" and each time you could see the spark light in their eyes.

Suddenly a regular Tuesday filled with dentist appointments, flashing gas tanks, and traffic jams took on a new light. The mood of those around me brightened too and I was surrounded by people in good humor. All of us united in the prospect of the humble pancake to get us through whatever challenges lay in our paths.

My kids were happy for Pancake Tuesday as well. After the ritual argument over flipping rights, we gathered at the table with a fresh bottle of syrup and smiles on our hearts. I watched with delight, as the kids drowned their stacks in copious amounts of syrup. The gratitudes tonight flowed like pancake syrup too.

Now everyone has been directed to brush twice and floss and rinse because it might be Pancake Tuesday but it was also Dentist day and we have a few too many cavities for my liking!