Saturday, July 16, 2011

Michael, Nano Seconds and How Mickey Rourke Ended Up in Our Van

I'm sitting in the drive thru this morning with Michael, waiting in cue for our ice-coffee (sweet sustenance for the weekly errand run in summer) We are talking about the part we need for the dishwasher, items on the market grocery list and what we still need for cottage week. E-man is in the back trying to edge into the conversation with his 148th sales pitch on 'why we need an XBox 360.' There's a breath in the conversation, one of those thoughtful pauses where everyone contemplates the barrage of information that has just passed back and forth. The next words to fill the air in our van throw me for a loop.

"Mickey Rourke"

I turn my attention to Mike.

"What?" I ask
"Mickey Rourke." he repeats
"What?" I ask again. Trying desperately to replay the last 3 minutes, play a mental round of 6 degrees of separation and figure out what Mickey Rourke has to do with anything.
"The guy from that movie The Wrestler" Mike says
"I know who Mickey Rourke is." I say. "I'm trying to figure out where he came from"
"You know he was in all those movies in the 80's"
"Ya, I know, but what does he have to do with s'mores, a pump connector and beans?" I'm starting to feel a little stupid now because I still can't make the connection and Mike is looking at me like I just landed.
"Marlborough Man... he was the guy."
"Marlborough Man?" I inquire even more lost than  I thought I was.
"Ya, we were talking about that motorcycle movie, Marlborough Man and 'the guy' and I couldn't remember his name? It was Mickey Rourke."
"Seriously?" I'm looking out of the van window now trying to find the item that triggered that memory. Nothing. "Seriously? what has that got to do with anything we've been talking about just now?"
"It doesn't." He says.
"Then why are we talking about Mickey Rourke?" I can't even disguise the desperation and complete confusion anymore.
"Because I just got the answer. I couldn't remember the guys name and I just did." he replies
"Just like that? In the middle of a conversation about corn and gas mileage the answer Mickey Rourke just popped into your brain out of nowhere?" I'm lost for words.
"Ya, that's how it works, my brain, it's like a computer; it's always processing information, stuff I'm not even thinking about anymore. It's why I don't sleep at night, my brain is constantly processing crap stuff." he explains.
I am amazed at how quiet E-man is in the back. I think he might be thinking the same thing I am.
I stared at Mike, astonished. "Your processor is old, that conversation happened a week ago!"

I didn't suggest that perhaps I should be considering an upgrade. I was too busy laughing my head off!

Gratitude today for my husband who is always thinking. I wouldn't of course even consider trading you in. I would miss living in the middle of a sitcom! Seriously!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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