Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sometimes "You had to be there" is a Better Vantage Point

When it comes to providing spaces for kids to play and miniature heart attacks for mothers our city has come a very long way! When Michael and I were young we had to scheme ideas, design a plan and bring it to life. That generally meant building something.

Our mothers had the great comfort of knowing, when we announced a plan to race a go-kart down the face of Mount Trashmore, that they could rest easy during the design and build phase, bid us good luck weeks later during the launch phase and wait contently at home in the throws of a Harlequin romance for our plan to inevitably succumb to it's integral design flaws. They knew we were never in any real danger, not if we had to build our risky adventure first.

While many of our plans failed in conception, some in build phase and some during event launch we had a great time. Those momentous summers provided more than hours of entertainment, they provided inspiration. They got us through those blistering unstructured weeks of summer holidays.

Then our generation grew up, we became engineers, and parks co-ordinators, city planners and designers.
We grew up and became our very own worst nightmare. We, who spent all those hours wishing that things existed have become adults who make things exist. We design the toys and the rides, we create the sports events and social places. We want to make sure that our kids have everything we never had before! Things like this.

Moms too, have something we never had before...'Realized Anxiety." No longer are those hair brained schemes in the hands of 8 year old designers and engineers. No, now there are real live educated grown-ups with money and connections to bring good things to life!

We, the generation of do-ers, have out done ourselves; creating coolness for our kids. While at the same time inadvertently securing work for hospital staff, sports therapist and fracture clinics. Not to mention the fiscal boost to those 'mother's little helper' industries. (safe money to invest in band-aides and things bottled)

Please don't misunderstand me. I love these hot-beds of danger parks! I put on my flip-flops and tag along. I watch, I cringe, I suppress anxiety, I clean-up litter in a lame attempt to be nonchalant and non-phased with the idea of my son hurling himself about on wheels and concrete. I think I do a pretty good job hiding all of those miniature heart attacks. It is a Mother's job after all to be the ever supportive cheerleader, boosting confidence in her children as they pursue things that bring them great joy. or is it?

Gratitude today for the young man at the skatepark who saw through my anguish the other day. He very plainly told me "It's okay not to watch, my Mom has never seen any of the tricks I do. It's better that way."

So I tried it. I let Mike take E-man to the skate park. They arrived home unscathed and unbroken. I asked "How was it?"

"You had to be there Mom, it was awesome!"

Awesome it was! I got to shake my pompoms everytime I heard E describe a trick or a run and I got to smile while I was doing it. All the Raw-Raw without the anxiety attack!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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