Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Needle in a House-Stack

Lula arrived home Friday night from work with news that she split a smallish hole in her work pants, during what I can only imagine, was some daring feat of grocery store heroics. The very instant she said "look what happened." I got that familiar prickle up the back of my neck. This it the only event I fear more than being asked to locate scotch tape.

A whole in your pants means sewing! Sewing doesn't scare me, I can sew. I used to make the kids cloths and Halloween costumes, curtains and home decor items, a dress or two even a few things for Mike. Sewing is easy, we have 3 sewing machines in our house, thread, scissors, notions all the tools of the trade so to speak. A small hole in the crotch of your pants however requires a sewing needle. I know how to use one of those too, problem is I have to locate one first!

Sewing needles are just like scotch tape; always missing, always impossible to find and always desperately needed. The sewing needle, I say needle - singular because that's all I require (despite the dozens that are hiding in our home) should be in the sewing box, a logical storage place for such an item. The sewing needle however is not and never is 'in the sewing box.' No, I have kids (hence the need for mending with a sewing needle) Kids use everything, kids never put anything back. Kids require you to use things, mostly at break neck speeds of multitasking proficiency; there is no time allotted for returning things to their proper place.

So, we need the sewing needle....and this is the first place I know to look.

This is the catch all cup by the phone, or rather the contents of. I spy...3 teeny pencils, 5 pen caps, 41 cents, a spring, a broken hair clip, a lego man and a camping spoon, a poker dice, a button and an eraser. All of this...but no sewing needle. See why my head is throbbing?

There is no sewing needle, so I put everything back in the cup.

I know, not what Martha would do. I'm pretty sure Martha's home also doesn't have catchall cups or junk drawers or do-dad baskets... all places next on my list in the Sew needle treasure hunt. I won't post their pics; its all the same, just in bigger quantities.

The sewing and sanity gods must be shining on me today. On the very brink of domestic induced cranial implosion I remember this...

The solution from my last mending crisis, that I cleverly tucked away in my purse so that I would always know where it was.

My next challenge was trying to thread the darned sewing needle!

Extreme gratitude expressed from today from Lula, who went to work with mended pants!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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