Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where the Missing Things Are

Lately there has been a great deal of activity centred around searching in our world. E-man was searching yesterday for the perfect mix of inspirational tunes to share with his team to pump everybody up in the dressing room. Getting into 'the zone' is apparently very important to 10 year old boys. He spent a lot of time, searching, listening, playing songs for Dad to screen for inappropriate content. In the end he could have saved himself a lot of time by just playing his personal inspirational play-list. All the good beats are there already – all public performance approved except that one by Tiny Tempa song and a great Eminem one. Yes, bad Mom alert, my kids listen to music occasionally dotted with a curse word and low grade profanity, they are else are they going to know what vocabulary will get them perma-grounded?

Lula has been searching too. Friday evening our house almost came unravelled while she scoured for her misplaced work schedule that would not have been missing in actual fact, had her coat not also been missing. Relief was granted by a third look in the closet. I'm not entirely certain how her coat came to be hanging in the closet (life is one mystery after another) but that's where she found it, right where is should have been, and there was her schedule right in the pocket where she left it. I'm going to be honest here and say that I liked the mini meltdown she was having, it was much more pleasant than the one she had upon realizing that she was scheduled for 8am not 1pm like she thought.

Then there is my search. The hunt high and low for the nail clippers. This drives me crazy! They are never where I put them, never in 'their place', never in their 'other' place, or even in the maybe place. Eventually I stop looking and stop looking at my nails that need desperate trimming. I get on with life. Feed kids and animals, drive people around, wash dishes and work, write, put laundry away. Then I find them, the nail clippers, nestled in the cup on the dryer meant for pocket change, dislodged buttons and items I've saved my washer from.

Isn't it funny how that happens, we look for things so hard that we make the job difficult for ourselves or we miss things that are right in front of us. Gratitude today that the answers to life and nail clippers always seem to turn up when I stop looking.