Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh, Deer...When Pineapples and Ice Cream Fail

We rounded off our long weekend with an adventure to the Indulge Caboose for ice cream and a walk along a Cambridge stretch of the Grand River Trail on Monday. Okay we started out going to the beach. Those plans became a new plan to go mini-golfing which quickly disintegrated into "everybody get in the van...You've got 3 minutes!" Yes, what started out as a quest for family togetherness systematically dissolved into a pineapple event. (yes please click that link to find out)

Here we go again! In all fairness if I hadn't allowed all three kids to stay up the night before way past their bedtimes, eating junk, playing video games and giggling until tears rolled down their cheeks they would have been a far more agreeable group. In short I think we probably pushed the 'get along' train a little too far. None the less, I lost my patience and ix-nayed the water, then ix-nayed the mini golf. A measure I probably could have stopped short of except names started flying followed closely by hands and feet. They left me no choice. It was the beginning of the end and a solution for resolution needed to be found. The pineapple solution was a one timer. It's power would not have been strong enough to diffuse the tension and set us back on track. I realised this when Mike came outside, walked up to the passenger side window poked his head in with a smile and a "you know they don't care that you are our here waiting don't you?" Damn! The goat getting had grown stronger that my ability to guilt them into compliance. Time to hand the reins of creative parenting over the the master...Dad, the guy who hatched the Darthvader consequence.

Mike's plan took us on a drive, (the whole time by the way someone was whining about 'where are we going?', complaining about the seating arrangements or the odour of a close range sib.) Heck of a plan Dad. Stop one of his plan was the awesomeness that is Indulge Ice cream with no stipulations on cone selection or scoop quantity. The first hint of childhood will bending and smiles could be seen curving a dimple or two.

Okay, our picture of the deer did not turn out,
something about icecream on the lens.
So I am offering this insanely cute pic from
Boreal Forrest Library
Four waffle cones and a regular cone, 4 scoops of chocolate mint, a granny's cupboard, a Bordeaux cherry, peanut butter brownie and double chocolate fudge later and we were following Dad down the wooded walking trail. Riding an ice cream high, laughing, joking and capturing the 'great old time' we were aiming for before our day fell apart. As we have all come to accept, it is generally a short walk from laughter to tears, in this case 1.4km; that's when I was checking KJ for injuries at the side of the trail following her not so cleaver attempt to remove the tree branch, leaf and twitch grass headdress Lula had been so imaginatively constructing in her messy bun as we walked. While I tried to evaluate through her tears E offered a constructive or rather counter-constructive "that's what happens..." Really? like really E? Need I remind you that you are part of the reason we are walking on this frigging trail in the first place! (I would like to take a minute here and thank random guy on a bike who didn't stop to ask questions.)

Determining that the only damage was to our disposition and our pride Dad smartly decided this was the time to turn around. I have a feeling the darts shooting from my eyes may have been a influencing factor.

We turned back towards the trail head and walked in silence utterly defeated, It's a sad day when 'Dad parenting' can't right the course. I was trudging (which is really the only word I can muster) when a deer stepped out from the woods and onto the gravel path. She stopped in her tracks and I halted the kids as not to frighten her and let her on her way, but she wasn't moving. We waited and watched as two white spotted fawns emerged from the where she appeared. They stepped timidly onto the path and crossed into the opposite brush followed by mom. The sight was beautiful.

"Look at that," said E..."every time something rotten happens there is always something good that comes next." I smiled and agreed. I didn't have the heart to tell him that what I was really wondering was if those deers had just been for ice cream too?

Do deer children squabble and goat farm just like us more evolved creatures? Are we actually more evolved?

Gratitude that Mother Nature and the good Lord took over where pineapples and hiking trails covered in ice cream failed and that we arrived back to the van and back home in one piece and right again with the world and one another.

Creative parenting is becoming an increasing challenge. I hope we stay on one another's good side for a while, I can't imagine what it will take next time!

Gratitude, Hope and Smile are meant to be shared!