Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Happens at Grandpa's...

E is off on a grand adventure....he is spending some time with Grandpa. Just how long is yet to be determined, it could be as long as two weeks it could be until tomorrow night. He's loving the days, the nights are a little tougher to manage. In all fairness it is his first time away from home and he is pretty far away (eight hours by car) Last night the 11:30 tear filled call came in. I did my best to be a brave mom sharing my confidence in him over the wire, we will find out tonight just how convincing I was.

Sitting at my desk this afternoon I was thrilled with the distraction of a phone call from my little guy. (he's not the only one struggling a little bit.) I was relieved to hear him more relaxed excited to share his day.

As I understand, E and Grandpa spent some time running errands this morning, paying some bills, shopping for groceries, picking up the mail...all things he could be doing at home. I wonder if errands are more fun with Grandpa. I am betting they are. The afternoon was enjoyed in the bush picking blueberries and raspberries. I understand they are for sprinkling on tomorrow morning's breakfast of chocolate cereal (That's a good Grandpa making sure the boy gets his fruit). E wasn't nearly as excited about the fruit or chocolate cereal as he was about his new pocket knife and the moose call Grandpa had helped him fashion out of birch bark with it. Cool, chocolate, foraging in bear country and knives...a 10 year old's dream! All of which paled in comparison to the next piece of excitement....GRANDPA LET ME DRIVE THE TRUCK!... (a gulp on my end of the line..... holy *only rhymes with* truck) Okay, I'm not completely surprised, in no-man's land there is kind of this unwritten rule that nobody goes in that can't get themselves out, I half expected this was coming, but it's cool for Grandpa to be the rebel adult.

We agreed that what happens at Grandpa's, stays at Grandpa's, as long as he is brushing his teeth twice a day.

I'm getting ready to call and tuck him in over the phone in a few minutes and I really hope that his enjoyment is greater than his nighttime homesickness. There is something so magical about the time a grandchild gets to spend with their Grandpa, it makes me nostalgic for the days I spent with mine. These are ones you don't get to do over. I also hope he doesn't wear out his Grandpa, if he decides to go the whole two weeks they are going to have to pace themselves!

Gratitude to my Dad today for sharing himself with my children, they really don't know how lucky they are.

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