Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your Motorcycle is My Cat

For a very long time Michael has wanted a motorcycle. He's been researching and looking. We've had discussions about bringing a motorcycle into the house. He has promised to get all of the safety equipment and to take the courses and to always be responsible on and for his motorcycle. I have been nodding my head, playing devil's advocate and encouraging his research. Truthfully, I've been placating him much the same way you do with a child who wants a pet. Casually agreeing and faining interest are usually enough to be supportive of an idea long enough for husbands and children to move on to some other desire De jour.

Its a gamble, 9 times out of 10 an interest is passing...1 time out of 10 they call your bluff and bring the motorcycle home. 

I like to play that I have a hard time with the motorcycle. It would be remiss of me after all, to pass up an opportunity to be 'difficult.' Secretly, I am really quite thrilled for Mike. He is so excited about his new bike, just like a kid who got a new puppy. 

There is that pet thing again, the topic seems inescapable....I've suddenly had a vision of the future.

Lula has been going on about a cat. A kitten actually. The research of costs, accessories and 'kitten free to a good home' ads have begun. As too, have the promises to love, care and clean up after little 'Mortimer.' (they name them you know, before actual acquisition. It's a tactic, naming something makes it harder for Mom and Dad to say no.) I have begun nodding my head and encouraging the research. Except in this case I secretly am truly encouraging the research, I would love a cat too.
How can you resist?

The suggestion of bringing a cat into the house has incited an uproar from the family's contingent of dog lovers. KJ is taking the bargaining position, offering to forgo birthday and Christmas presents and opt out of back to school clothes, whatever it takes to increase our family by one dog.

E-man is our man on the fence but not without a plan. He is very cleverly siding with whomever seems to be in the best position of getting what they want at any given moment. Dog, cat, motorcycle doesn't matter, he's like the dark horse on survivor, playing to the good side of the strongest alliance. He's going to win either way. 

This all puts me somewhere in the future... riding on the back of a motorcycle, holding a small dog in a purse, while at home, a cat quietly fills his litter pan and sleeps on top of my desk, in the room I've just converted into an office because the last of the kids has left for University, leaving their pets in the capable hands of Mom and Dad. 

Can you resist this either?

It's inevitable! KJ wants a dog like Lula wants a cat. Lula wants a cat like Michael wanted a motorcycle. Michael brought a motorcycle home so we are going shopping for dog tags and litter pans.

Wait until they find out what I want!

Gratitude today is for the art of negotiation and compromise in the pursuit of family harmony.

 Are you in negotiations at home too? What was the last thing you got that you weren't sure you wanted?

This is my post that was lost when Blogger went down...I am SO grateful to have it back!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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