Sunday, May 8, 2011


A couple of post absent days around here, I do apologize my mind has been preoccupied with the eventuality that is Mother's Day. (A few extra days of "Your Turn @ the Table" seems to have been okay though. I've enjoyed reading your gratitudes.)

Truthfully every time I thought about writing in the last couple of days I've been struck with the same question; how? Mother's Day is coming and how am I going to write that post? How am I going to string lines together that don't sound incredibly ungrateful? I should probably just get this line off my chest in the interest of the 'how'; I hate Mother's Day. (If you read this you will understand that I am not fooling around).

So I'm not doing it! That's right, I'm stomping my feet and have my arms crossed firmly over my chest and yes, I am pouting! I'm not doing it. I will not be made to feel guilty because I can't love my mother well enough, I will not feel bad because I'm doing laundry or refereeing a domestic. I won't be made to feel inferior because I'm just a regular mom not some super mom like those featured in magazines and news stories. I don't want to celebrate an observance that brings sadness to so many of my friends who are missing their mothers. I won't and Hallmark can't make me!

Instead I present another option for the 1st Sunday in May. International Love Your Family Day. Okay it might not catch on Internationally but go big or go home I say. I suspect from conversations that a strong following of mothers who would rather celebrate anything but Mother's Day is waiting for something better. The switch might actually have a chance.

So here goes. My post for ILYFD.... My family and a snippet of what I love about them!

In order of appearance

Does an amazing job of manifesting his life. Reminds me everyday through laughter and gratitude that it's all about the journey.  Has an incredible talent for faith, justice, laundry and dishes ...XOXO

My beautiful 'do it all' who approaches life with an 'all in' attitude. Full of compassion and a sense of humour that never fails to catch me off guard. Amazingly talented in the realms of art, love and make-up...XOXO

My gorgeous young lady with wisdom beyond her years, snaps me back to reality with  logical humor. Strong, capable and always thinking. Displaying incredible talent in the pursuits of creative expression, friendship and nail art....XOXO
My handsome man with the plan. All boy, full of adventure, gross humor and bruises. A math-magician with exceptional talents in snuggling, thoughtfulness and trickmastering anything with wheels...XOXO


I hope you enjoy International Love Your Family Day. If you are a mother who suffers emotional turmoil on the 1st Sunday in May please feel free to take up the challenge spread the word, twist the sentiment of the day and share the love of your family.

Heaps of gratitude today for the privilege of having an amazing family to spend my mothering on. Fantastic kids who display endless reasons to wear my title with pride and a loving man who wears his Father, Husband (and occasionally the Mother hat too) better than any I've seen.

Happy are you celebrating?

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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