Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Wild Around Here!

We live in a subdivision. A standard middle class, newly completed subdivision.There are roofs as far as the eye can see. We can see pretty far actually because there are no trees to block the view. Infact the closest thing we have to actual trees are cedar shrubs and hosta plants. Baby trees are planted and growing but do you know how long it takes a tree to grow large enough to shade a house or hang a swing or support a birds nest? I'll tell you...a lot longer than the wildlife are willing to wait!

For a treeless pavement jungle, we have an abundance of wildlife. I understand the displaced creature phenomenon, a part of me is horrendously guilt ridden at having been a part to animal expropriation. I try to make up for this by leaving peanuts out and not spraying my lawn.

Our yard is like a animal freeway. Two weeks ago Michael stepped out onto the porch in the still darkish hours of dawn only to almost trip over a skunk. If I sit at my kitchen table to write I don't get much accomplished because I am completely mesmerized by the band of squirrels who race along the fence tops like they are driving the rodent autobahn. Fluffy tailed squirrels are not the only thing that utilizes the pressure treated skyway. The regiment of neighbourhood cats love it as do the occasional raccoon or possum.

We are situated directly below a Canada Goose flight path, "Cover!" is a very popular cry on our block. There are smaller birds too; robins, chickadees, nut-hatches, finches, swallows, crows, doves and pigeons. That's along of pressure washing!

My favourite creature with a tail is a chipmunk. I 've even given him a name "Chippy" (I know highly original) Chippy has a circuit...across the yard - behind the stoop - through to the neighbours yard - back in a race along the lower fence rail - through the fence and race along the back neighbour's flower box...Repeat! again and again and again and again until the person watching is completely dizzy. Seriously he's so fast I can't even get a picture!

Then there are my rabbits, mother bunnies, father bunnies, baby bunnies all plotting against my new tiny suburban garden! The bunnies are cute and I can keep them at bay with black bird netting so we're good. I am afraid though that if the animals ever organize the humans in their territory might be given a run for their money!

Gratitude today that rabbits don't realize that their thicket is actually a peonie bush. The squirrels don't know their fence posts from their tree tops. Bird crap is highly washable and skunks are mostly nocturnal!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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