Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breaking A Leg

E-man is about to break out of his comfort zone, in a very BIG way.

You may remember my request for school age appropriate humour. The request came in an effort to help E-man prepare a routine for the end of the year school talent show. (you can revisit that post; "Is This Thing On?" )

I can not speak for all of us but I can tell you, that I myself, am absolutely amazed at his interest in putting himself on display. This is my young man who suffers from debilitating stress induced migraines. The boy who can chew a red ring around his lips in less than an hour in reaction to nerve wracking circumstances. He is the very last of my children that I would have pegged the family Thespian. Yet here we go...

He stated his desire, he asked for our support. We scripted a 'bit'; A Rick Mercer inspired comedy news skit. We made props, sourced wardrobe and solicited practice audiences. E-man has been practicing his heart out!

Auditions were held two weeks ago for the talent show. When I inquired about how the audition went, E responded "I think I nailed it!"

Nail it he did...he secured a spot in the show and the real work got underway. More practice, more rehearsals, more pretend performances, He has mastered the timing and the choreography of the 'Bit'...He is ready! The show is Thursday, I've booked time off work to see it unfold, Lula has her video camera charged and  ready to capture E-man's stage debut.

I am still trying to figure out how a child who can't call his Grandpa on the phone has found the nerves and ambition to perform in front of an audience of a couple hundred peers and teachers. I understand that certain performers like Tom Hanks, Lucille Ball and Jim Carey where once upon a time, incredibly shy people. What I can't figure out is what possessed them say "Hey, I'd like to perform for people!"

Regardless of whether or not I can bend my head around it, I am incredibly grateful that he is feeling confident enough to take the risk. So many of us carry that nagging conversation around in our hearts..."If only I had....(insert that thing here). 

I think I just learned one of life's biggest lessons from my super shy, nervous wreck of a boy who has committed himself to breaking a leg (and hopefully a life time cycle of apprehension)

Stay tunes for the video after Thursday's Big Show!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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