Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday...Your Turn @ The Table

Thursday and I know that my very busy June schedule is making me rather negligent on the Blogging front. It has been 2 weeks of rather lame subject, content and posting. My pride is not the only thing suffering, my mental goodness is suffering too. I've promised myself a date of serious writing indulgence this weekend.

Despite my haphazard sporadic attention to my habit, I wanted to stop in today and ask...What is your Gratitude? It is Thursday after all and there is always gratitude.

So share yours, won't you? you might just brighten the day of someone you didn't know needed some sunshine.

For my gratitude, I leave you with the best thing I have written in 15 days.

Being yourself is the hardest thing in the world. Most of the time you have to figure out who you are first... then you have to give that person the complete right to happiness. Follow what brings you joy, give attention to those who are there without invitation & never be afraid to say "this isn't for me."