Monday, June 6, 2011

My Bathroom Might Not Grow-up & Leave Home

Today I cleaned the powder room. Okay that doesn't sound like a life event to celebrate, but I am. To understand my joy there is probably some back story to explore. First, I hate cleaning, not strongly dislike...Hate. I have a little sign that hangs in my laundry room that says "Martha Stewart doesn't live here"

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for cleaning I also hate a messy house. I tolerate it and weep inwardly that I am unable to keep things sparkling and orderly like so many of my friends. There was a time, long before my children arrived, when my house was sparkly. Then Lula was born and my mother's friend sent me a note expressing her joy and advising that I would do well to worry about enjoying my children, ensuring me that "the bathroom would still exist and require cleaning in 18 years." That made sense to me. It certainly made the demands of housework easier to excuse, it made the untidiness tolerable.

As children get older the house doesn't get cleaner. Even with the division of chores I have come to understand that my friends who's homes do sparkle are A...very likely sucking it up and doing is all themselves or B... testing the limits of their voice box and nerves through ceaseless nagging.

This is when I am grateful for the advise of my mother's friend, it keeps me sane. I also have two sayings.

Come to see me not my house.
Friends leave, dishes stick around till morning.

I know that people are not impressed with my house keeping prowess and I'm good with that. I'm also good with the level of clean my kids are able to accomplish in their chores. To me it's the act of pitching in that matters.

There comes a point though at which my blind eye is assaulted beyond my tolerance level. This brings me back to the powder room. On an ordinary day there are 6 people frequenting that room. Everybody does a pretty good job with their aim and their bathroom etiquette. I can whip in there with a spray bottle, some paper towel and spruce it up with little effort.

The point comes when we've had our bi-weekly house guests. Suddenly there are 9 people using that room, 6 of which are male, 4 of those males are under the age of 10. There are also the 'friends'

Today despite the heat, despite the longness of the typical Monday...That powder room needed to be CLEANED! I hated doing it but boy am I grateful to have it done... It was one bathroom that wouldn't wait 18 years!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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