Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's Example of Domestic Bliss #10

Remember when a jellybean was a jellybean? Before the popcorn and watermelon flavours of JellyBelly came on the scene? Long before Hogwarts' inspired barf and bat dropping flavours were all the rage? Way Back when a jellybean was a gelatin gumdrop candy covered in coloured sugar and coated in confectioners wax? Things were simple then....when green tasted like green, yellow like lemon, orange like a can of soda, and purple tasted like a crayon, those were the days!

Back when a jellybean was a jellybean!

Lula brought home a box of old school jellybeans this week and we've been grazing on them. Not surprisingly red was the first to vanish followed by green which is almost wiped out. I prefer the pink and orange ones myself. Evidently the age old issue of finding someone to eat the black ones remains a problem even in today's modern world.

Gratitude today for the good ole' days and kids who are amazed with "retro" candy. (this isn't helping me feel younger)