Sunday, June 19, 2011

How My Kids Ended Up With the World's Greatest Mom.

Remember last month when we celebrated ILYFD? If you missed this post and are feeling utterly in the dark, you can read Happy ILYFD

This month we celebrate Father's Day, the real deal. There will be no attempts to morph Father's Day into something more pleasant, in my opinion there's not much need. My kids have an amazing father. I say that rather boastfully and without shame for doing so. Michael is a great dad! He takes the responsibility of being a dad very seriously with a hands on - heart in approach. His devotion to parenting has taught the kids that they can come to him for help and healing.

Mike's passion for his job as father,  is also how my kids ended up with The World's Greatest Mom.

Just take a look....

I get to talk to our teenage girls about hair and makeup and music because Mike is not afraid to talk to them about their relationships, drugs, sexuality and commitments to work and school. He is willing to go to the mall and hold purses and shopping bags while the girls try things on and change their minds and ask his opinion.

E-man and I are able to work on talent show projects and play in the kitchen because Mike helps him tackle his homework and clean up his room. I get to cheer like a hockey mom for bicycle and skateboard tricks because Mike has instilled a sense of confidence in E-man and a sense of 'don't panic, everything will be okay' in me.

I get to be patient because Mike takes kids to the park and fishing, out for road hockey and ice cream; leaving me with some solitude to recharge my batteries, pamper my spirit or wash the floors.

My children think I am funny. Mostly because Mike never fails to make light of my absurdity, which is actually okay with my. I've learned that life floats along a lot easier if you don't take yourself too seriously.

Everyday I am able to encourage our kids to pursue what makes them happy because Mike believes that you will always get what you need but nothing is as valuable as your happiness.

Mike is a master of creative discipline, employing cleaver tactics like the famous Darth Vader Time-Out and a household favourite; the Les Nesman Door (the LND deserves its very own post one day. For now let's just say that knocking on the place where a door used to be is a very effective strategy for halting repetitive door slam) As a result of Mike's creative approach, I spend a lot of time granting permission for activities and adventures and not much time negotiating with grounded kids.

Perhaps the single greatest thing Mike does to make me look like the World's Greatest Mom is to treat me like I am. He loves me the way he wants our children to love each other. He respects me with the same level of respect he expects from and gives to our children. He allows me to put our family first above everything else because he does the same.

So today we are celebrating Father's Day because anybody who works this hard to make me look this good deserves a holiday in their honor!

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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