Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recent Lessons in Domestic Goddess

I have done some pretty amazing things in the pursuit of domestic goddess status. I say pursuit, because we all are very aware that 'Momma got no skills'. Okay I can cook, but it is safe to say that all of my domestic talents are wholly invested in this single ability. Thank goodness an exceptional pot roast has the ability to erase the horror of perpetual basket diving for matching socks and that if you are eating a cookie you are blinded to the smeary nose and finger print covered sliding door.

The job of a family is to encourage you and challenge you to improve your short comings. My family is exceptional in this regard, they develop scenarios continually to exercise my domestic muscles. They get gum stuck in their hair, spill nail polish on the bathroom counter, draw notes on the bathroom mirror with chapstik and lipstick, launch entire jugs of grape juice skyward in the kitchen (purple rain is not metaphoric in our house). There are the hunting expeditions fit for blood hounds as I attempt to locate lost lunches and missing water bottles. There are chemistry lessons in stain removal and tests of mending...everything from zippers and pant seams to shoes and bicycles. When it comes to improving a mother, my family excels, and I owe them a world of gratitude. I have learned that I am more capable than I believe, that the impossible should at the very least be attempted and that you can surprise yourself with the results.

This week I also learned that when the cat pees in the Lego bucket it's not the end of the world. (as long as someone tells you) I also learned that my family still needs me. (their solution to this problem was to bag up $500 worth of feline christened Lego for the garbage! Ok, once upon a time that would have been my solution too.) This week I learned that I can trust my internal domestic goddess guidance system. This week I learned that you can wash, dry and fold Lego. Ok so I washed it in a bucket of disinfectant soap and water, I let it soak for a few days in disinfectant water (I didn't say I wasn't completely grossed out) on Friday I poured the Lego into a couple of pillow cases, tied the tops shut with broccoli elastics and threw the sacks into my clothes dryer with a couple of old pillows. 20 minutes on perma-press netted me clean wrinkle free Lego.

I knew that I had done well, when I unloaded the Lego back into the disinfected bin and E-man said "Ahh, it's so toasty and fresh." For a moment I thought perhaps a little domestic guru does live within me, for a moment I thought about how grateful I am for all the lessons my family has put before me, they unknowingly set me up for a moment of Domestic Goddessness. Next up...I'm going to move the appliances and face what lurks beneath...while I still feel domestically powerful and capable.

Gratitude to the voluntold family member with the bravery to help me with this challenge, I can teach you what I know about Domestic Goddessing.

Spend some moment everyday in reflection of gratitude and happiness. Even if the time found is standing in line for coffee...use is wisely.


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