Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday...Your Turn @ The Table

Every Thursday (except on those days when I don't) I post "Your Turn @ The Table"

I get sent some really awesome gratefuls every week. You don't always get to see them because, well, some people are shy about sharing, so they send an e-mail rather than posting a comment. I've been thinking that it would be really great if you could see some of that anonymous gratitude. So...I will add a  guest gratitude box over there with my family gratitude boxes. Each week after Your Turn @ The Table I'll post one of the gratitudes submitted that week (anonymously of course)

Keep watching you might just see your own Gratitude in that space!

Thank you for sharing every week. Gratitude really can change a life and it may not be your own.

My turn....Today I am grateful for my new Dishwasher.

I wish he had thumbs.

Your Turn....What are you Grateful for today?