Friday, March 9, 2012

Music that Will Move My Friday

Lets count the wonderful things about your boss going on holidays. Or lets not, I really like my boss, my kids really need me to maintain employment.

There is however one very wonderful thing about the boss being on holidays that I can talk about and really would be remise if I did not - Concert Tickets!

Somebody has to use them, and anybody could have I guess. Fortunately the opportunity filtered down to me. So last night Michael and I enjoyed an evening with the KW Symphony and the Jeans & Classics Band. Also very lucky for us the tribute was to the very fabulous U2!

Now there is a soundtrack for life. I must apologize to the concert goers in our proximity for the excessive toe tapping and butchering of pitch as we lamely attempted to sing along. Somethings you just can't help, kind of like a sneeze - you have no control and you can't do it without blinking.

Today I am grateful for a generous employer, a fabulous date and the music that will be stuck in my head all day today (that will make Friday hum!)

I'm leaving you with One performed by U2 and Mary J. Blije. A very beautiful rendition of a song that is not really about love but actually the very opposite. Funny how we can confuse discord with passion. Going to be checking myself today that I am actually doing things out of love not the absence of it.

Happy Friday!